Deanne Phillips - REALTOR®

P.O. Box 49982 Los Angeles, CA 90049

Deanne has always had a deep passion for real estate, and her expertise spans across various aspects of the industry. From investing in residential properties and overseeing their development and rehabilitation in Arizona to California, she has gained extensive knowledge in marketing and sales working with industry leaders such as Mattel, Hasbro, and Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising.

Deanne's business is built upon a foundation of southern hospitality, a strong work ethic, and unwavering integrity. Her exceptional customer service, personal attention, and unwavering loyalty to her clients go above and beyond, ensuring that the process of buying or selling a home exceeds expectations.

Known for her ability to handle complex situations with confidence and professionalism, Deanne consistently receives praise from colleagues and clients. Her honesty, forthrightness, and commitment to creating win-win situations for all parties involved are often highlighted by those who have worked with her.

With Deanne, clients can expect the highest level of representation, receiving expert guidance throughout the entire buying or selling process. Her strong negotiation skills and innovative marketing campaigns consistently deliver results. With her extensive knowledge and experience, she helps traditional buyers and sellers navigate today's challenging marketplace. Deanne takes great joy in educating her clients, sharing insights, and fostering lifelong relationships.

Outside of real estate, Deanne enjoys traveling, playing golf, and cherishing quality time with her four daughters, including twin girls, as well as her two grandchildren. Always seeking her next adventure, she approaches both her personal and professional life with a sense of enthusiasm and determination.


01937211 (State Of California)